Domain Leasing

Just like a car or equipment lease, domain leasing gives a buyer (lessee) the right to temporarily use a domain name over a specified time period while making periodic lease payments to the seller (lessor). Most of our domain leases have an option for the lessee to purchase the domain name outright, either within the lease period or at the end of the lease term. Buyers can lease domain names to get access to premium (high value) names without the high upfront costs of normal sales. 

Domain Leasing

Premium Domain Access

Benefits of Leasing Premium Domain Names for End User 

  • Spend less money up front on a domain name, allowing funding to be spent on building the product or service and marketing it.

  • Can work with the domain name owner to agree on a fair purchase price or lease to own deal for the domain name in the future, allowing an idea to be built out before committing the capital. 

  • If the business doesn’t work out, the domain name can be given back to the domain name owner without having to find another buyer for it.

  • Business can be built and grown without having to spend a great sum of money at one time.

  • There may be tax advantages depending on how you classify domain names 

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